This site is created and maintained by Hans Nouwens and Arjan van Leeuwen, both subject matter experts enterprise architecture for Sogeti Netherlands.

The working of the maturity matrix is based on research and has been proven to assist you in prioritizing your efforts when improving your architecture processes. The software behind this website offers you the function to record the answers for the 136 checkpoint questions, and show the results. Admins have an extra function to import data in csv format that allows for importing legacy excel questionnaires.

All data you create in this site is stored in the Netherlands. Users do not see each others data. However, a small group of Sogeti admins may see it. Be aware of this limitation when entering personal or company restricted data. Sogeti does not share, sell or reuse your data. Usage of the site and your actions are not monitored for statistical use, except for the technical (error)logging of the webserver.

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